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What’s Your Drink? We Love Coffee K-Cup Style!

You have probably already learned that you can pay almost $5.00 for a cup of gourmet coffee if you’re not careful – savvy coffee drinkers know the secret of how to savor great coffee and save money at the same time – all it takes is an on demand single serve coffeemaker. Enjoy top quality gourmet coffee K-Cup style any time you’d like at a cost of just pennies a cup; all you need is the right brewing system ($199.99, at www.bedbathandbeyond.com).

Everyone dreads the coffee at work because it is always burned, black and bitter and a lot of that has to do with the actual coffeemaker. Traditional electric drip coffeemakers tend to “cook” the coffee by issuing water which is entirely too hot. The problems are further compounded by the coffee storage system – a glass carafe sits around on a warming plate for hours on end and the coffee continues to cook. Not only does this make the coffee almost undrinkable, it actually presents a safety hazard.

Of course few care to even venture near the coffee pot because making coffee the old fashioned way is cumbersome and messy. Scooping and measuring coffee grounds is one thing but when you have to deal with flimsy paper filters which seem designed to fail it’s enough to send you scampering to the corner coffee shop, no matter what the cost per cup may be.

When you invest in an on demand brewing system there are no filters and no carafes which means there is no argument about who didn’t clean the pot or who was supposed to buy more filters. Since the coffee brews directly into your cup, mug or glass, you can take control over your beverage and drink with confidence. All you do is pop a coffee insert into the machine, put your cup under the brewing port and press a button – in less than a minute you have a custom brewed piping hot cup of gourmet coffee that is ready to savor and enjoy.

An on demand coffee system is ideally suited for entertaining too because each person can brew exactly what they would like to drink. There’s no longer a need to put out separate urns of both regular and decaffeinated coffee along with hot water for tea because the brewer does it all. This means there is less waste because you no longer end up tossing out leftover coffee; since you brew only exactly what you need on a cup by cup basis you can actually save money.

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