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What Is Ferrite Powder and How Is It Used?

Have you ever heard of ferrite powder? If so, do you know how it is used? This powder is a raw material and is the main ingredient used in making permanent magnets. Consider all the places in your day-to-day life where magnets exist. For example, a magnet is used to hold the fridge door shut. You may have the latest drawing from your child attached to that fridge using a magnet. Have you considered the magnets in your car? Do you know how many magnets are in the typical car? There are numerous magnets in a car for many different reasons.  For example, there are magnets in the starter.

The Role of Magnets in Life

Magnets are a common part of life. Though we may not pay much attention to how they are made or what they are made from, we do pay attention to magnets because we use them all the time. Consider the simple use in doors and cabinets in the home. Some homes have magnets on office furniture to hold doors closed. Consider your church and the magnets used to hold doors open there. Another place you may notice magnets being used is on cars in the form of signs. For example, a company car with the company logo on the door may be a magnet and not painted on there. It is also common in pizza delivery. The delivery drivers there place the sign atop their car via a very strong magnet.

Using Magnets to Hang Pictures in Your Home

One of the more recent ways people are hanging pictures in their home is with magnets. This is accomplished with magnetic chips inside of paint that is then painted on the wall. This makes the wall magnetic and capable of holding pictures that have a magnet attached to the back of them. This is a great use of magnets because it enables a homeowner to avoid putting holes in the walls of his or her home. Magnets are used for many other things in our life. However, none of it would be possible without ferrite powder. Good thing we have that.

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