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Three Myths Distributors of Industrial Scales Frequently Debunk

It is safe to say that buyers of North Texas industrial scales usually complete research before making a purchase. These weighing instruments have to be perfect for their purpose, and the price should be fair. The Internet is an amazing invention. All the information you ever need for personal or business purposes is available. On the other hand, not everything you read is true. Some people fabricate stories because they want to look smart. Others are confused and mix facts up. Either way, always confirm with authorized dealers and distributors that the data you collected is true. Here are 3 stories you should not believe when investigating professional weighing instruments. They are false.

1. All Industrial Scales Are Alike

This is downright silly. Just think about it for a minute. Scales used every day at home and by small businesses vary widely. The device you use in the bathroom to weigh yourself has another appearance than a postal scale, or the one used in the kitchen when you need specific amounts of ingredients for a recipe. Why would it be different in the commercial, agricultural, and industrial world? It would not make sense to weigh, for instance, heavy trucks on a livestock scale, right?

2. Industrial Scales Do Not Require Maintenance

Do you know anything that does not require care and maintenance? Why would industrial and commercial equipment be the exception? Talk to the seller if you are not quite sure which upkeep scales need. Each design has its own manual and instruction. The frequency of maintenance and calibration also depends on how often the scales are used, and if they are submitted to heavy abuse. Untrained workers may cause damage.

3. All Dealers Charge the Same Price

The best way to get an answer is by finding an industrial scale you like. A quick online search will pull up distributors selling that particular model. Inquire how much they are charging. You may need to call or email as most companies do not list prices on their website. That is often because they carry too many products, or they customize scales to a customer’s unique needs. Alterations on North Texas industrial scales generally cost extra. Do not forget to ask them for shipping and installation fees. They also vary widely.

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