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Think of saving before spending

I did not know that I spent that much with me using my small earnings last year. When spending small amount almost every day in every months without keeping any lists, it will be as if nothing is happening. If I just summed it up, I am sure I can see clearly that I already spent that much. Keep tracking with the income and the expenses is I guess the best way to have a better financial journey not just for myself but also for my family.

I hope I will learn my lessons. I hope to be wiser this year. If I will still earn something from my online freelance jobs, then, I will have to keep track with it so that I can somehow save for my family. I think it will be not be too late for me this year, hopefully!

I cannot turn back the time anymore and I cannot have back the money that I spent. All I have is for me to work harder, and be wiser with my spending. No matter how hard I tried in wishing of saving even just one fourth of my income, it will only be a dream for me. I will get frustrated with it. It is, as if I am crying over spelled milk in which I cannot put it inside the glass again.

What will I do is for me to be wiser enough to think of saving before spending. I hope I can do it. With God’s guidance, I know I can.

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