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Stressed out but I am okay

I am so stressed out for the past days. Thinking of too much work to do and plus other things around me, it makes me grouchy every day. I am always raising my voice to my kids. I was grouchy even more when I heard one of my friends talking about stability and that she wanted to put her kids in a charter school to find a scholarship in college. I know she’s talking about me because she kept on asking me to let my kids go to the regular school instead of homeschooling so that I can find a job outside the house to earn more. There’s a reason for my homeschooling, and they cannot understand it.

I know that my situation right now is not as good as what they have, but I know God has something big for my family and for me. I know my family, and I can rise and be able to have a better home with debt-free life.

I just need to homeschool my kiddos because it is good for them. They are relaxed, and they can do more with schooling.

With earning more, God has been good and is always good in my life. He gives me things from good people, and I am so thankful that there are lots of good employees who give me work every month. I am so grateful that God is a great provider. I know He won’t leave my family and me. He is the source, and I trust God for all the things that I am doing.

Anyway, I pray to God that these friends of mine will have the best lives that they deserve. Amen!

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