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Spring break with the girls

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

Every spring my best friends from college always get together for what we call our spring break. We leave our families behind and have a week to ourselves reminiscing about old times and creating a lot of fun memories to carry with us. We are spread out all over the country so we usually meet at a resort that is convenient for us all to fly into. But this year we decided to meet at our girlfriend’s house in Texas. We would only have the expense of our airfare and whatever food and drink we consumed. The economy had not been that great for a couple years, and we just felt it would be best not to blow too much money. When we got to the house we were all so impressed with how nice it was. I gave myself a tour. There were so many rooms. She even had a media room with a big screen television and a couple computers and some stereo equipment. I am a little nosey and noticed she had the computer open to champion Texas. Then I looked through her vintage record collection. And finally took a peek at her DVD collection. I had hoped that we might be able to watch some old movies together. I knew though that whatever we decided to do, we would have a blast.

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