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Parents need support

Since my parents are now senior citizens, they have many needed medicines. My mother has mild stroke and she needs medicines for her high blood, for her heart, and for her arthritis pain. Before I usually will send her something but for this year, I seldom will do it since my income is not stable. About my father, he needs to have a nebulizer and other medicines. There are times that my ma and pa will skip their meds and they will just take some whenever they need to instead of taking each meds every day.

Talking about medicines, I will buy amoxicillin online right now because they also need this meds. I will prefer to order amoxil online at my favorite store since I can find a good price for it. And about amoxicillin , this will be their stocks just in case they need to have this meds. In addition, they can share this to some of the relatives who will ask free medicines.

Anyway, I hope to have more stable income so that I can easily share it with my own family here and my family back home.

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