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Online games

My eldest kid learns to use a computer at the age of 2 years old. Since that time, he is into playing computer games every day. It will be a boring day for him if he can’t use a computer. And now that he is big enough to download game, he can download anything that he likes. Whenever he finds something interesting to play with, he will download online games instantly. As of the present, his laptop is full of bookmarked websites for downloadable games.

With the things that he wants, I just let him enjoy it. For as long as it is a safe website, then he can download any games that he wants. Also, if he is doing well with his homeschooling, then after that, I will let him have some extended time in playing his favorite downloaded games. So far, he is so smart with any electronics and gadgets. But since he is a baby, I am minimizing his computer use as he needs to study for his lessons every day.

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