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My shopping spree for this month

This week, I bought new embroidered duvet covers and other things to beautify my home sweet home. I wanted to buy all of the things that I need but opted not to because of the finances issue. The best thing that I can do is to buy few things at a time every month so that by and by I can make my new place look beautiful and comfortable to live with.

After buying those things, I went to the furniture section and bought elegant bar stools for my small home bar. I just love to lounge at this portion in the house because it’s relaxing and I can entertain my friends in here.

When I was almost done with my shopping, I remembered that I also need to buy new things for myself. And with this, I bought new Ellen Tracy ricochet high-heel because it fits well on my feet. And after buying these high heeled shoes, I go straight on where I parked my car because I don’t want to spend anymore. I was done with all of my shopping for that day. Next month, I am hopeful to have my shopping spree once again.

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