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Loving all the oldies songs and artists

Do you love music? If yes, what type of music it is? Do you love the oldies songs?

Whatever music you like, one thing is for sure, it will make you feel good. You know, listening to any favorite songs will have a great impact to the listener. It always will have some sort of therapy. Music can always heal soul.

This is what I am saying because this is what I am feeling every time I will listen to my favorite songs. Would you agree with me? I hope you do agree with me.

Anyway, I do love oldies music. Do you love these types of songs? Oldies and Oldies Artist Info will always amazed me. I love all the melodies from the 50’s, to 60s, 70s, down to 80s. I even have collections of records, CDs, and cassette tapes in which I left at my place in PH. I asked my parents to keep my collections in tact because I may be using it one of these days when my family and I will have a vacation. I do not care of the world is already into high technologies, because what I care is to preserve my collections from years ago.

Now, how about you, did you preserve the memories of the past?

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