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Get the Right People and the Right Parts

When you are dealing with a mechanical problem, you want to make sure that you have the things you need to get the job done right. It may be hard to stop a Trane, but when it does stop, you will want to get the right Trane parts to fix the problem. You probably have a maintenance crew that takes care of the day to day maintenance work, but you may want to bring a specialist in when your larger investments break down.

Training Your Employees

You don’t always need to call in a repair person when your larger scaled investments break down as long as you have sent your employees to the right training programs. Training is often something that companies only do when they are required to for compliance. The best companies realize that training is not only good for the company in terms of having more capable employees, but it is also good for the company in that it helps the business keep employees longer. Of course, in order for training to be effective, the company should always train at least three individuals in the skills that it is looking to have on the payroll. That way there is a great statistical chance that one of the three will be available at the time when the skills are needed.

Calling the Experts

There are times when you may need to call in an expert to fix the problem. This doesn’t mean that your employees aren’t capable. It just means that they haven’t had enough experience with the problem at hand, and rather than make a guess that may cost the company a warranty or a large investment, they have decided to admit to what they don’t know. Only the smartest people know what they don’t know.

Whether the experts come in or your own highly trained crew fixes the problem, they will want to use the correct parts. This means that they will need Trane parts for the Trane appliances and York parts for the York chiller. That will help them get the job done right with the parts that meet the required specifications.

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