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Finding a Great Vehicle May Take Soul

Americans put a lot of themselves into the vehicles they own. A car isn’t just a way to get from one place to another; it is a statement about the person who drives it. It is inextricably linked to that person’s identity almost as much as that person’s job is and in some cases more. When you are looking for your next vehicle, you might try looking on BridgewaterNJKiaSoul.com. You could find your automobile equivalent to a soul mate. That driving experience will support not only your view about yourself but will project the image that you want others to see.

Identity Crisis

People do not automatically know what job you do. It isn’t something that is generally on view in public unless you are at work or are wearing the uniform from the workplace. Otherwise, you could be anything and tell anyone anything, and there is no way to gainsay you. A car, on the other hand, is visible all the way down the road. From the moment that you get into it and start to drive until the moment that you park and walk away, people are making assumptions about you based on what you are driving.


The assumptions that people make about you are ones that are related to themselves. When a person sees an older man driving a sports car, they might assume that he is in the midst of a middle age crisis. They may assume that he is a rich bachelor. They may assume that he is overcompensating for the loss of physical prowess. All of these assumptions could be incorrect. The man may be driving the car because a friend needed him to move it from one place to another. It may have been the only vehicle available from the rental company. Whatever the reason, the point is that people will assume what they want based on their own perceptions of vehicles. Visiting a website like BridgewaterNJKiaSoul.com can help you find the right car that makes a statement about you. Nothing is better than driving a new car except for driving a new car that fits your needs and your lifestyle choices.

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