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Stressed out but I am okay

I am so stressed out for the past days. Thinking of too much work to do and plus other things around me, it makes me grouchy every day. I am always raising my voice to my kids. I was grouchy even more when I heard one of my...
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Gowgow for gargle

Every time she will see a paper cup, she will say “gowgow, gowgow”. I am wondering why she will say this and I tried to think about it. My almost 19months old baby girl will say these words for paper cups because she will always remember that she...
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Post traumatic stress disorder

One of my FB friends shared this link – http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/04/us/veteran-daughter-ptsd/index.html and I read it because it intrigued me. I did not finish it instantly since it was late at night already. I just finished reading this link a while ago. I have known that PTSD is post-traumatic stress...
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I know how it feels like

Now that I have two kids, I know how it feels like being a mother. And it is so hard to be one, mostly in teaching them the good ways and in doing exact things. There are lots of good things that I want to share with my...
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Green tiger wall sticker

My kid just love animal safari and he loves tiger plus other animals. In fact, when he sees these tiger wall stickers, he is asking me that if possible he wants to buy the “attacking tiger wall sticker” for his room. He says that it’s perfect for his...
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Can’t resist

It is just so funny watching my baby fight her sleepiness. She will whine and move her head but then her sleepiness will always win whenever she will exhaust herself of being awake from morning until early afternoon. Also, she can’t resist her sleepiness when there will be...
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