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Still up

Oh my goodness, it is 3am already and I am still wide-awake. WOHOOO! Anyway, I am not sleepy yet. I still have enough strength to write few articles. I also need to make my rosary before going back to sleep. However, I am wishing I had enough energy...
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Tripping – listening to an AM station

I am into tripping with listening to the local station in my place. Right now, it is an AM station and so the dialect is Bisaya. It is fun. I am feeling at home more since this is the favorite station of my mama and papa. I just...
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Live streaming – Cebu FM station Philippines

It feels like I am home while listening to the live streaming of my favorite station in my place in PH. It lessens my feeling of having an urgent vacation. At least there is this internet and the live streaming that will aid in wanting to spend something...
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Live streaming – Y101 FM

I miss my place in PH and so I am listening to the live streaming of one of my favorite FM stations – Y101. It has been years now that I left my place and I left my family. I missed them so much. If given the chance...
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Loving all the oldies songs and artists

Do you love music? If yes, what type of music it is? Do you love the oldies songs? Whatever music you like, one thing is for sure, it will make you feel good. You know, listening to any favorite songs will have a great impact to the listener....
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Love these music

I am listening to my favorite songs by J. Velasquez right now. And I am thankful that my husband gave me this iPod 4. This is handy and I can listen to the songs that I love anytime. And since I synchronized it with my computer, I can...
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Vape Juice