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G and L Clothing store

Right now, I am looking for some affordable clothing and accessories. I just need new things since most of my clothes are old already and most of those are holey. Instead of repairing my old clothes, I would prefer to buy new. In this way, I can save...
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Where to buy swimsuits

You know what, I am searching on where to buy some affordable Swimsuit Direct. I need these things for this summer outing and swimming at the pool. I will surely wear one and I will see to it that I will trim down my weight first. When I...
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Comfortable boots for women

Every season will require different fashion with its matching accessories. Now that it is fall season and soon it will be winter, fashion will surely change. One of the things that need to change is the footwear. A person cannot wear sandals or slippers during cold snowy days....
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Body shaper

I have an aunt who is so conscious to what she is wearing even if she is just at her home. Much more when she will go out or attend special events, she will be more concern with the way she will look. It will be some sort...
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My shopping spree for this month

This week, I bought new embroidered duvet covers and other things to beautify my home sweet home. I wanted to buy all of the things that I need but opted not to because of the finances issue. The best thing that I can do is to buy few...
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Vape Juice