How I wish

Life is still wonderful despite of the things that sometimes will bother me. I know happiness will not be based with whatever outside of me. Happiness is always my choice. How I wish I can be as happy as I want to be every day of my life. How I wish I will not raise my voice with any situation that bothers me. How I wish I didn’t learn some negative attitude that will make others feel the way I felt when I was younger of whom I was being shouted every time I will make mistakes.

How to

How to stay focus in life when I have lots of things to do every day? Imagine, I work online and at the same time I have to do chores and mostly I need to take care of my kids and my family. If I can just focus on taking care of my kids and family, then life would be easier. But I also need to work so that I will earn something while staying at home as a full time home maker. Sigh!

I know how it feels like

Now that I have two kids, I know how it feels like being a mother. And it is so hard to be one, mostly in teaching them the good ways and in doing exact things. There are lots of good things that I want to share with my kids and hope they will embrace these forever. Now that they are small, I can force them to follow me. When they will grow big and will have their own choices; I hope they will remember the good things that I will be sharing with them. Hope they will be good persons, good children’s’ of God, and good citizens.

Shopping to the max – ARGGG

I had a good shopping time with Old navy yesterday as I used the $30 coupon. But it seems I wasn’t using it or whatever since I paid quite big due to buying lots of things. It’s good that my PP has a balance and so I just paid my shopping from my own savings. After that, I went to carter store for additional clothes shopping for my two kids. Then, after that, I went to whole foods market to buy soy cheese and unsalted butter. My shopping didn’t end that because on my way home, I visited target to buy some diapers and groceries. Lastly, I went to Safeway groceries to buy few foods for my family’s kitchen. I spent a lot yesterday but it’s worth it! Hope to save more by working more ‘coz in that way I can shop more also. YAYYY!

Family fun time

My kids and I are watching good old movies right now. These are just cartoon movies and all of these are educational. Hope they will learn from these movies, mostly from Veggie Tales, Cyd the Science kid, Word world, etc. It’s fun to have family time and time for the kids!

Give and act for Love

As much as possible, give love all the time. Even when there are times that you are acting differently, that’s natural to feel and do it, but after you will feel better, after you are back with yourself, gives love to all people around you. Life is too short to live with hate. Say I love you more often and act your LOVE toward everyone! *Yani Lavigne Blogs*

Love you

I love you for who you are. It doesn’t matter if you don’t love. What matters most is the love I feel for you. I want to be with you forever. Even if the time that you will go and visit the place where you are the only one that can GO, I will still go with you! No one can separate the two of us –SELF.

To be a vegetarian or not to

I don’t know why whenever I will eat meals with pork, beef, or chicken, I will always think of dinking colas. But whenever I will eat just vegetables and rice, I will just be okay with water and water alone. Hmm, this would mean that I need to be a vegetarian just to drink water alone? Well, not that bad!

Test the free basic online cloud storage

Do you have computers and gadgets? I am sure you do have these valuable high technologies. These things are not only a fad but these are useful for your personal and business life. When you do have these things, you also need to make sure you have a reliable backup. You can do it yourself of course, but you can also buy backups online which are reliable and you can access if from anywhere you are when you do have internet connections. You can have the most reliable Cloud Backup but also the one that is within your budget.  You don’t need to spend more as there are companies which offers reliable yet affordable online storage. You know that there are many choices on where you can avail cloud backup but it would be nice if you will test cloud online backup. Do you want to test it right now? If you do, you can easily avail the free storage and see if the thing that they offer is the one that you are looking for. So, what are you waiting?

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